This is a 1080P IP WIFI Camera that has a PIR Motion detector AC OUTLET RECEPTACLE!   It has onboard hidden WIFI 1080p Spy 3MP Camera. 


The 1080P Tiny Camera AC OUTLET is Installed (with some added steps) normally like any other House A/C Outlet. Once properly set up you will be able to view Video from the House/Business from anywhere in the world!! You will be able to view anyone in your home without them knowing it.** It works as a standalone or P2P system. Our A/C Outlet Camera has two Fully functional working USB Ports. The A/C Outlets & USB Ports are working during Camera Operation. Nobody will ever know there is a Camera inside the Ground hole.** This is an original A/C Outlet Receptacle BOX Equipment and not FAKE Brand.

      Self Powered (Powered by AC Power) - Battery is Included!
•    No Visible sign of Camera - Camera is Hidden!
•    Resolution - 1080/720/480
•    Functions: DVR/NVR 
•    Screen Masking
•    E-mail Alerts
•    PIR Motion Detector
•    iOS/Adroid APP Ready - Just Download (Instructions in the Manual)
  • Pixel Density: 3MP
    •    Resolution: 1080/720/480MP Selectable
    •    Frame Rate: 25FPS
    •    Viewing Angle: 90
    •    Distance of Motion Detection: 6m straight-line distance
    •    Minimum Illumination: 3LUX
    •    Compressed Format: H.264
    •    Operating Temperature: -10 to 60C
    •    Power consumption: 260MA/5.0V
    •    Computer Operation System: Windows/Max OS X
    •    Mobile Phone Operating System: Android/iOS
    •    Web Browser: IE7 and above, chrome,firefox, safari etc

1- LSC-1B3 Assembly Unit - WIFI Camera DVR/NVR unit (4.3mm Color CMOS 3MP, 5Lux, 1920x1080 resolution, 25FPS.)

1- Instruction Booklet/s