4K/2K/1080 WIFI IP LIVE Streaming Combo Light/AC Receptacle Camera TR Switch

This AC Light Switch 1080P IP WIFI Camera is Installed (with some added steps) normally like any other House Light Switch. Once properly set up you will be able to view Video from the House/Business from anywhere in the world!! You will be able to view anyone in your home without them knowing it.** It works as a standalone or P2P system. The A/C Outlets are working during Camera Operation. Nobody will ever know there is a Camera inside the Ground hole.** This is a original working standard A/C Light Switch Receptacle Equipment and not any FAKE Brand. We are the only Supplier of these on Ebay.
This Particular model LCCBSW-SC2P 1080P WIFI IP CAMERA AC Light Switch Receptacle has on board Lower temperature (CX-50 Module) longer lasting Module, is better quality and provides a higher resolution compression ratio video signal.


1. Our Unique Light Switches are Mounted at Standard Light Switch Height of 4-Feet for Optimal monitoring or surveillance.
2. The Camera has Motion Detection App Alert!
3. Our Nanny Cam Receptacle modules are the most thinnest profile that carry the most smallest circuitry that technology offers today. 
4. The Drop-In Design makes it simple to install into any tight Switch Housing!
5. They Modules have a Real Miniature WIFI Wireless Antenna and Not a Sticky Paste on Like Competitors!
6. We are the only Seller on Ebay that sell these!

 This is a Drop in Module as you can see from the Pictures and no complex Drywall removal needed. It should only take you like 10 - 15 Min to finish. 
Please follow the instruction Manual that you receive with this Unit.
Self Powered (Powered by AC Power) - No Battery Needed!
No Visible sign of Camera - Camera is Hidden!
Resolution - 1080P/720P/480P
Functions: WIFI - DVR
Screen Masking
E-mail Alerts or App Alerts
Motion Detector
iOS/Adroid APP Ready - Just Download (Instructions in the Manual)

•    Pixel Density: 3MP
•    Resolution: 1080P/720P/480P Selectable
•    Frame Rate: UP TO 30 FPS
•    Viewing Angle: 90
•    Distance of Motion Detection: 6m straight-line distance
•    Minimum Illumination: 3LUX
•    Compressed Format: AVI
•    Operating Temperature: -10 to 60C
•    Power consumption: 260MA/5.0V - Variable
•    Computer Operation System: Windows/Max OS X
•    Mobile Phone Operating System: Android/iOS
•    Web Browser: IE7 and above, chrome,Firefox, Safari etc

Orion Modular Electronics Security Security Product Cams micro SD card will need to be formatted before the Unit is used.. This is done automatically through the app.
We are not responsible for the Installation of the AC Outlet. There are many Tutorials online on how to do this.
This device will only connect to 2.4 Ghz WiFi Networks / Because of Tiny Circuitry being used in this Device, the distance of the WIFI Transmition TX/RX signal strength is less then normal or usual of larger equipment.
We are unable to guarantee WiFi connection will work with all routers. Although most networks are compatible, certain routers enact stricter security measures that may block remote connections to the camera. Some examples likely to experience these issues are hotels/motels, corporate networks, 4g hotspots, open wifi networks like Starbucks, etc.
Reliable WIFI Communication is 5 to 10 Meters (Up to 30FT) diameter. If you go beyond this distance you might need a WIFI Extender.
You might need a WIFI Router Extender for better communication. We recommend that you put this WIFI Router or Extender no less then 10 Meters away in Direct sight from the Unit.
We would recommend professional Electrical Installation of this Unit/Device.
Class 10 or better MicroSD Card required

Order By Demand Status:

These Units are Made when Orders taken & take 7 days for Production and Quality Control Test!

Shipping and Handling:
The item/s will be sent by Authorized shipping Cargo company by our digression. Shipping will occur 2-3 days of the production of the item/s if Items are not in Stock. We will supply a tracking number and item/s will be properly insured according to it's value. We are in no way responsible for Importation fee's or Customs duty charges. This is your responsibility.
We Value your business

Item/s may be returned if you are not satisfied with you order for any reason within 30 days of you receiving your order. You may request exchange or replacement as an alternative.

Cams may be returned or exchanged in a NEW or unused working re sell-able condition with all Protective Security (Void Sticker) Stickers intact and in their original packaging. We will examine the Unit for Tampering. 

Please contact us through our Ebay contact and we will then Provide you with a  RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number.

Please allow up to 7 business days for exchanges & returns to be processed.

Have any Ideas?
If you are looking for a product that you would like to see in our Ebay listings just email us and we can custom install and or design the item of your choice. We can install any of our high quality Pin Hole Camera's into almost any consumer electronic device that you might have... Of course nobody will ever know that the camera has been installed, well unless you tell. Our electronic modules are professionally custom installed and fitted to almost meet ISO Factory Manufacturing Standards! It is highly unlikely Nobody will ever notice any difference. The electronic device will work just like the same without any notice. The only person will know is YOU! **

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**Orion Modular Electronics does not condone the illicit use of cameras or any of the devices we sell. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ascertain and comply with all applicable Provincial, State or Country laws in regard to the possession and use of any items purchased from our Store. We are not responsible for the misuse of any product we sell. These Camera's are sold in many different countries and so the Laws differs. It is the responsibility of the Operator (individual) to Abide to State, Federal or provincial Country Laws. “Zero party consent” is when none of the parties being recorded are aware of the recording, and this is prohibited by federal statute In USA as explained above. It is illegal to use this device in Public Changing Area or Washrooms (Restrooms).     

1- LCBSW-SC2P Assembly Unit Module with WIFI IP Camera DVR/NVR Module (4.3mm Color 3MP, 5Lux, 1920x1080 resolution, Up to 30FPS.)
1- 32GB SD Card Included (Can be upgraded to 64GB SD card)
1- Instruction Booklet/s