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WIFI SPY Functional Wall Outlet Hidden Camera & Light SPY CAMERAS

Our Hidden Pinhole Remote WIFI IP DVR Camera AC Wall Outlet Receptacle allows anyone to discreetly secretly remotely view in live video from anywhere in the world from afar. Our wireless hidden camera are real functional wall outlet working 24/7 AC Electrical Receptacle that have been modified with a Pinhole Camera inside one of the ground holes.

Our original design makes these hidden security cameras so simple to install in minutes exactly like a real receptacle or light switches. The configuration Setup is super simple and takes about 1 min to connect to Live and allows users to remotely view anyone in the room from anywhere in the world. You can also use the camera as DVR and retrieve Video Clips that have been Motion triggered & recorded throughout the day in the premises.

The Spy Camera AC wall Outlet Receptacle features High definition 1080P Video for super clarity with sensitive microphone and allows to record voice and video an to send live feed video your mobile phone anywhere where there is WIFI or Mobile Data connection.

Our Spy Camera Receptacle is indistinguishable for the original receptacle unlike our BOX type contraptions our competitors use. We use Real USA Made Receptacles that are retrofitted with our Super Slim SPY WIFI Cameras Modules. Our LSC-3TR Spy Hidden AC Receptacles are the slimmest & thinnest and super easy to install when compared to real actual non modified USB AC receptacle.

We also carry our LLS-SC2 Hidden Light switch camera which is the first of its kind and we are the only suppliers of these. Our light switches are installed at optimal height to maximize quality visibility of the premises being viewed.

We have many models to choose from, from our Standard AC Wall Outlet Receptacle to our USB Receptacle & Super thin Light Switch SPY Camera!

Pick from any of our models from below. From Ac Outlet Receptacle SPY Cameras to Light Switched SPY Camera you can see we have it all!

All of your Receptacles are made in North America and so you know you are getting high quality!

All of our models comes with 1 Year warranty and 30 Days Free Live Chat Technical Setup Support.