Compact 3D Widescreen FPV Video VR HDMI Glasses

Pure View TR980HD video glasses provide an 16:9 3D virtual video Experience at 2 meter distance allowing you to watch anything you want in your own privacy.  
Experience Big Screen 16:9 Ratio immersive HD Video with our light weight Brand New 2019 Model compact 3D Video glasses.
Our glasses connect to a variety of devices such you're laptop's or computer's HDMI out, phone's mini HDMI port, your cable Box, DVD, BluRay Player, the possibilities are endless. 
Seamless support for Plug and Play 1080P HD input signal and Side-by-Side 3D content take you into a whole new world of dimension of audiovisual experience. 
The applications and possibilities are countless. So relistic, the TR980HD Video glasses provides a 3D virtual Screen at 16:9 Ratio and gives the impression of being at the cinema without seeing backs of the chairs in front!

100" 3D Virtual Screen Size from 8 Feet Away
Support up to 1080p Full HD Resolution 
Support and Automatic recognitions of HDMI, Mini HDMI, MicroHDMI, (MHL Connection included)
Compatible with iPhone/iPod and Wii with extra accessories (Not Included)
2D/3D Swich Mode, easy to operate.
Soft Silicon gel comfort support
Mask included to block light in any lighting condition
Flexible and removable Arms & interchangeable head straps for kids and adults of all shapes and sizes
Hight Resolution Display (854x480)
Compatible with PC, Mac, Tablets, Smartphones, Blu-Ray/DVD, Android, Microsoft & iOS
Ultra Light (4 OZ)

OTC TR980HD FPV 1080P video glasses
3D Glasses Zippered Case
MAG LENS Templates
EarBud Earphones
5 PIN Cable 
Eye Mask 
LENS Cloth
HDMI/MHL Adapter
Glasses support Belt