4K/2K/1080P IP WIFI Hidden & SAFE Camera GFCI GUIDE NIGHT LIGHT AC Receptacle

This device has a 1080P IP WIFI Camera that has been Professionally Hardwired into GFCI Night Guide LIGHT!  This is an original (not fake) Working A/C Wall Outlet with actual working A/C Plugs. It has onboard hidden WIFI IP 1080P Pinhole 5MP Camera that has been installed into the Device so you are free to use all AC PLUGS (But TOP NO GROUND HOLE). This is ORIGINAL EQUIPMENT and has been designed to use will all Plugs(Except TOP GROUND HOLE).   

Our Moded LSC-12GFCI-GL GUIDE NIGHT LIGHT AC Outlet Camera is Installed (with some added steps) normally like any other House A/C Outlet. Our Hidden 1080P IP WIFI Secure SAFE Camera GFCI GUIDE NIGHT LIGHT AC Receptacle turns on Automatically when it is Dark in the Premises and will TURN on GUIDE LIGHTS Automatically. Once properly set up you will be able to view Video from the House/Business from anywhere in the world!!  The camera works as a standalone or P2P system (Remote View). The A/C Outlet Camera has Fully functional working GFCI Mini-Breaker. The Camera and  A/C Outlets work during Camera Operation and show Live Stream using Specific APP that we use. The Unit also comes with SD Card to Record Video CLIPS when you are not HOME/OFFICE... you can then later retrieve the CLIPS to your phone and view them at your Leisure. 


  1. Our Unique Hidden Camera are mounted at Surveillance Camera GFCI AC Receptacle Wall Outlet.
  2. Our Camera Receptacle modules are the most thinnest profile that carry the most smallest circuitry that technology offers today.
  3. The Drop-In Design makes it simple to install into any tight Switch Housing!
  4. They Modules have a Real Miniature WIFI Wireless Antenna and Not a Sticky Paste on Like Competitors!
  5. Our Unique Hidden Camera are Self Powered - No Battery Needed
  6. Our Camera mounted Model GFCI Mini-Breaker AC Outlet Camera is Installed!
Self Powered (Powered by AC Power) - No Battery Needed!
Crystal Clear Resolution - 1080P 
Functions: WIFI IP/DVR
Screen Masking
Motion Detector
APP Motion ALert
iOS/Android APP Ready - Just Download (Instructions in the Manual)Tab 2 content
•    Pixel Density: 5MP
•    Resolution: 4K/2K/1080P Selectable
•    Frame Rate: 32FPS
•    Viewing Angle: 90
•    Distance of Motion Detection: 6m straight-line distance
•    Minimum Illumination: 3LUX
•    Compressed Format: H.264
•    Operating Temperature: -10 to 60C
•    Power consumption: 260MA/5.0V
•    Computer Operation System: Windows/Max OS X
•    Mobile Phone Operating System: Android/iOS
•    Web Browser: IE7 and above, Chrome,firefox, safari etcTab 1 content
1- LSC-12GFCI/GL WHITE Night Guide LIGHT Assembly Unit Module - IP/WIFI Camera DVR unit -- USING OUR CX-50/60 MOD
1- 64GB SD Card Included  
2- Instruction Booklet/s