SPYMODS 4G/3G LTE 1080P Button Covert T-Mobile Camera AT&T Live Streaming IP/DVR

This is a 4GLTE/3G Remote Location Security that does not rely on WIFI. Our RST-SC33 completely works on 4GLTE or 3G WCDMA USA Bands! This security system can be set up in remote locations to monitor via 4GLTE. The Security camera can be setup within minutes to monitor your cottage or construction site via the 4GLTE frequency bands. The unit comes with detailed instructions and downloadable Remote View App. 
1080P: 1920X1080,NTSC 30fps,PAL25fps
Support P2P
Support Onivf
IP66 Weatherproof (LENS)
I/O (support external)
Micro SD Card up to 128GB
Night Vision
iPhone,iPad,Android,PC & MAC
IP Remote confirguration
PnP (True plus and play, zero setting)
Cloud Computing Technology
High-Speed H.264, MPEG0-4,M-JPEG
Multi-Screen Monitoring