3 Pack Flameless Ration Pack Heaters

This is our easy to use ration pack heaters - they require no flame or propane Gas stove & no other source of heat! Ideal for survival situations, camping, prepping, hiking, Skiing or any outdoor activity where you need a hot meal FAST. 
Simple to use:

1. Tear the bag open and insert unopened ration pack. 
2. Add 40ml cold/room temp. water 
3. Fold bag over - seal with tab included. 
4. After 12 minutes - meal is ready! 
5. Tear open and enjoy! Caution - contents will be hot! 
Product Description
Products Name: Flameless Ration Heating Bag
Material: Aluminum Powder
Size: 35*20cm,any other size can be customized
Packing: Bubble Wrap Envelope
Heating degree: 98~105℃
Inner pad weight: 30-70g
Usage: Heating MRE Food & Sealed Foods

1 - 3 Reactive Activator Pouches with Heat Bags