UHMWPE NIJ-IIIa Discreet Bullet Proof Unnoticeable Denim Jacket

If you are looking for a discreet concealed Jacket with high level of protection, then this is one of the best bullet proof jackets for sale.  Not only does it provide excellent protection, but this piece of body armor slips on like a regular jacket. 

These are unique Level IIIa braided micro fiber UDPE Protection Panels that have been sown integrated into the Jacket. Nobody will detect that you are wearing body Armor Jacket and it can be worn like any other Normal Jacket.


NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA Body Armor.  

Ballistic panels are made with high molecular weight polyethylene fabric UHMWPE enclosed in a 100% waterproof fabric sealed by ultrasonic welding.   

Ultrasonic sealing keeps humidity away from ballistic material which prolongs uderul life of product. 

This material is also manufactured with Aramid UD fabrics manufactured in the United States by Barrday Advanced Materials.

This UDPEWPE is thinner and more flexible and provides greater comfort and conceal-ability for the user.

Provides ballistic protection against 9mm, 44 mag.

Carrier is made with high quality fashionable fabrics for elegant design and comfortable wear.

This jacket is one of the best options for concealable body armor use.

  • Ballistic panels are made with high density polyethylene fabric UDPE enclosed in a 100% waterproof fabric sealed by ultrasonic welding.  
  • Ballistic panels provide protection against 9mm and 44 magnum.
  • UDPE fabric is stronger than aramid fabrics and is not susceptible to humidity, UV rays and is chemically inert. 
  • Sealing ballistic panels with ultrasound keeps ballistic material away from humidity which prolongs useful life of ballistic material
  • Carrier is made with high quality nylon and polyester fabrics which make the product very aesthetic and comfortable to use.  
  • This jacket is discreet and lightweight.

  • Light weight UDPE Vip Concealable Bulletproof Garments:

     Why UDPE material is better then our Competitors?

     Our UDPE Micro Aramid fabric is made in USA!

     As our Soft UDPE bulletproof Garments has lighter weight, Flexibility & better performance, it gradually replace the hard body armor. There are two kinds of bulletproof materials mainly at the market, one is aramid (Kevlar®)and other is UHMWPE(Dyneema®). They have similar bulletproof performance, UHMWPE is a bit lighter with the same protect level. Polyethylene is impervious to moisture. The first vests made from this new material are 5mm thick and can stop a 9mm bullet traveling at 1777 feet per second, which is slightly better than other top of the line vests. Our UDPE is same like UHME-PE but it has slightly more flexibility and ours is made in USA! UHMEPE is mostly used in External worn Police Bullet Proof Vests.

     Question: Why is our UDPE Micro Aramid Garments so Expensive in comparison to our competitors.

     Answer:  Our NIJ Bullet Proof Garments are actually much lower then most online stores. The standard price for these NIJ Bullet Proof garments are usually set at and around $1899.00USD & higher. Our Bullet Proof Jackets & Garments are made with Superior High Quality UDPE Micro Aramid Fibers and are more expensive to adhere to conventional fabrics. We use a special process of Sealing ballistic panels with ultrasound that keeps ballistic material away from humidity which prolongs useful life of ballistic material. Our Material is only 5mm thick which give greater comfort level and isn't restrictive like our competitors products. 

     FUN FACT:

    Did you know that UHMWPE has an expiry date? Most Ebay retailers hold huge amounts of stock and which they get at great prices. What most people don't know that these Bullet Proof Vests sit in storage rooms where when they reach the consumer they are already one year old. Each of our Bullet proof high quality garments is individually custom ordered directly from our supplier. We try not to keep large quantities of stock and in thus provide you with most newest freshest quality Bullet Proof UDPE Panels that have not started to degrade.

     What Make UDPE (UHMW-PE) so Great?

    Kevlar tends to absorb 3.5% of its own weight in water while UHMWPE

    (Dyneema) absorbs no water, maintaining its performance in humid or wet conditions. Kevlar is considered 7 times stronger than steel, while Dyneema is 15 times stronger than steel, making it the world's strongest fiber.

    • Place of Origin: Canada               
    • Name Brand: OrionTec Armor Ballistics             
    • Model Number: OT Armor JT2000                  
    • Color: Customized                        
    • Material: UDPE (UHMWPE)                             
    • Protection Level: NIJ II, NIJ IIIA   
    • Product name: Bulletproof Vest     
    • Key words: Bullet proof jacket                           
    • Usage: Security/Civilian Usage         
    • Application: Duty                           
    • Size: S-XXL                                                       
    • Weight: 1.4kg-2.7kg                                                    
    • Function: Full Protection - 9mm to 44Mag

    Federal Law of the United States:


    Under federal law, a bulletproof vest is considered “body armor,” which is regulated by statute, 18 U.S.C.A. Section 931. That law forbids anyone convicted of a violent felony to own or possess a vest, unless the person wearing the vest is an employee who is doing so in order to perform a lawful business activity and who has obtained prior written certification from the employer. A violation incurs a maximum of three years in prison. And using a vest during the commission of a

    federal crime of violence or a federal drug-trafficking crime will result in an enhanced sentence. (42 U.S.C. Section 3796ll-3(d)(1).)

    • A few states prohibit the use or possession in specified situations or circumstances, without regard to the criminal background of the wearer. One state prohibits wearing armor on school property or school-sponsored functions (Louisiana), while in Connecticut, sale of body armor must be done in person—Internet and phone purchases are illegal.


    Federal Law of Canada: 


    In all Canadian provinces body armor that is not issued by the military (Levels I, II, IIa, III, IIIa) can be purchased without special license.
    In all Canadian provinces except for British Columbia, Manitoba and Alberta, it is legal to wear and to purchase body armor such as ballistic vests (this regulation applies only to ballistic vests above the NIJ level III). Nova Scotia has passed the legislation but is not yet in force. Under British Columbia's Body Armor Control Act, it is illegal to possess body armor without a license (unless exempted) issued by the provincial government.
    Further, Bill C-349 in the House of Commons, proposes to create a separate offence for wearing body armor during or attempting the commission of an indictable offence. This bill reached First Reading but never became law, and has died on the order paper.


    **All sales are prohibited to the State of Connecticut as Internet Sales are prohibited & Sales must be done Person in a Retail Store Front. Sales to Australia are also prohibited - please do not email us!




    ***It is the responsibility of the buyer to ascertain and comply with all applicable Provincial, State or Country laws in regard to the possession and use of any items purchased from our Store. We are not responsible for the misuse of any product we sell. Our Armor Products are sold in many different countries and so the Laws differs. It is the responsibility of the User (individual) to Abide to State, Federal or provincial Country Laws.